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Sub Ohm Kits

Sub Ohm Kits

The ideal choice for the more experienced vaper, Sub Ohm kits are slightly larger devices which pack a punch when it comes to both flavour and vapour output. We stock a variety of different kits across several brands, so whether it’s a stylish, technical, sturdy or whimsical vape pen or pod you want to purchase, we have plenty of options for you to browse. If you’re new to Sub Ohm vaping and want to know more, keep reading to explore what our kits include and how to choose the perfect Sub Ohm kit for you – it’s easier than you think!

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What types of Sub Ohm kits do we stock?

Here at Every Cloud Vape Shop, we want to give our customers the best choice possible, so we stock a whole host of Sub Ohm kits from lots of popular brands such as Voopoo, Smok, Freemax and more.

What does each Sub Ohm kit include?

No matter which brand you choose, you can expect all the components you will need within each kit to start your vaping experience! This includes the vape pod itself, a USB charger, spare coil, tank and potentially some further accessories depending on the specific kit you choose. The only thing you’ll need to add to get going is your favourite e-liquid.

How to choose the right Sub Ohm kit

The good news is that this part is entirely up to you. The beauty of choosing a kit is that everything is included for you, so the only decision you need to make is which one you like the most. Different brands offer slightly different hardware, so if you need something which is a little more robust as you’re likely to drop it or leave it to fend for itself, look out for iJoy or Geek Vape brands. If you love to express a fashion choice through your vape, you’ll love the funky designs from Freemax and Voopoo.

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