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What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes has now been proven to be the most effective supplement for regular cigarettes.

Broken down, an electronic cigarette (commonly know as a vaping device or ‘Vape’) consists of 3 main components and require specific liquid to function (Known as e-liquid or e-juice). A battery, a tank, and an atomizer head (or ‘Coil’).

The amount of time a device will last can vary depending on the battery type, as well as how much they are used. These batteries are usually made from lithium and will last for a day when fully charged.

All the devices that 4 Vape stock contain clever circuitry that prevents any kind of power surge, making them completely safe to use, despite some of the horror stories you might have read. The power output from these batteries is moderated which is why some devices are known as ‘Mods’. Please be aware though that some unmoderated devices are available elsewhere so be sure to check exactly what you’re buying.

The battery connects some form of tank that you fill with liquid, most people choose liquid containing nicotine but this is not mandatory. There are several different tanks you can choose. Changes in European law have limited most tanks to a 2ml capacity, although a lot of them can be modified so that they hold more.

The user can determine their own strength of required nicotine in store and available strengths usually include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg or 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8% respectively. Our staff are trained to help customers determine their required strength, this is usually based on the amount of cigarettes the customer smokes in a day. There are however other factors involved, for instance the power output of the device.

The coil is the most important piece of device as it acts as the engine. They are usually wrapped tightly with cotton which soaks up the liquid ready for vaporising. Coils are measured in resistance and, in general, the lower the resistance, the higher the output of the tank.

For example a coil with a resistance of 1.5 Ohms will give off a small amount of vapour, meaning the user would need a high concentrate of nicotine. A coil with a resistance of 0.3 Ohms gives off much more vapour, creating a need for a liquid containing a much lower concentrate of nicotine.

More information is available in store from one of our well trained staff, or on our Vaping Guide on our website.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

Undoubtedly so.

Cigarettes are so harmful because the process of burning the tobacco causes thousands of toxins to be released. When vaping, the user is only subjecting themselves to a liquid containing very few ingredients, all of which are usually listed on the bottle.

There are also regulations in place to ensure that all liquids sold in Europe meet a very high standard, so as long as you avoid homemade liquids, you’re always completely safe.

Liquids are usually made up of 4 ingredients, 3 of which can be found in your food or other every day products:

  • Vegetable Glycerin – Literally made from vegetables
  • Propylene Glycol – Present in inhalers
  • Flavourings – The same as what’s used in the food you eat every single day
  • Nicotine (Optional) – Extremely addictive yes, but not harmful in small doses
If I switch to vaping, do I class as a non-smoker?

Of course!

If your last cigarette was more than 90 days ago, then congratulations, you’re a non smoker!

How much does it cost to buy an electronic cigarette?

The costs of an electronic cigarette can vary depending on the type. 4 Vape stock several different ‘starter kits’ which usually include at least 2 coils and a bottle of liquid. These range between £30 and £40 and, for a small additional cost, there some versions available with a larger battery. In terms of the ongoing costs, users can look forward to saving up to hundreds of pounds per month, when compared to the price of cigarettes.

Starter kits use very little e-liquid, this is due to their low output and therefore typically cost less than £10 a week to run. All you would need to do is replace the coils regularly, and keep topped up on liquid. Coils used in starter kits usually last between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on several factors involved in the usage of them; whereas a bottle of liquid can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, again depending on the user. The price of coils start at £2.99 or 4 for £10 and liquids are available from £3.99 or 3 for £10.

Of course not everyone will use a starter kit and there are some much higher output devices that do cost more to buy and run. However, the ongoing cost very rarely exceeds £15/£20 a week which is still significantly cheaper than smoking. The cost of the higher output devices range from around £40 to £80, even more for the top of the range products.

Visit one of our stores for full demonstrations and more information.

How do I know which type of liquid to use?

The best way to describe the different types of liquid is to put them into 2 categories; low VG and High VG.

The VG (Vegetable Glycerine) is essentially the burning element, this means that higher VG liquids are thicker and require more power to vaporise. It also means that it takes longer for the liquid to soak into the cotton in the coil, making them suitable for in frequent use in high powered devices.

Using a high VG liquid in a low powered device (such as a starter kit) will almost always cause issues. It will take much longer for the liquid to soak into the cotton, and a low wattage device will not be able to fully vaporise thicker liquid.

At 4 Vape, you will always be informed of which liquid is suitable for your device, as a general rule:

  • A low powered device (less than 25W) with a high resistance coil (over 0.6 Ohms works best with low VG (50% VG or less)
  • A High powered device (more than 25W) with a low resistance coil (0.6 Ohms or lower) works best with high VG (60% VG or more)

There are some scenarios where your device is suitable for either liquid type, but in general we advise you to stick to this rule. All our available products are listed with suitable advice in our products section.

What are Nicotine Salts?

There are two types of nicotine available for e-liquids. Traditional Nicotine is known as Freebase and can be found in the majority of liquids on the market.

Nic Salts are a new alternative that are made with a different, more complex process. The most notable difference is the way in which your body absorbs the Nicotine. It’s no more or less harmful but it does mean that you feel the effects much quicker.

This means that when using Nic Salts, you should find it easier to lower the nicotine level in your liquid. As you feel the effects faster, you would normally need to use it less.

A lot of vapers find Salts more satisfying than Freebase. Why not give it a try?

For more information, check our Vaping Guide.

How do I know if my coil has burnt out?

Coils are disposable and will never last forever, therefore you will need to change them every so often. Over time (as you use your device) the cotton in the coil will slowly burn, the flavour will start to fade and eventually you will notice the ‘burnt taste’ in the vapour.

Most people tend to change the coil when the burnt taste starts to overpower the actual flavour of the liquid. Some people will be more susceptible to this taste than others, so it’s best to rely on your own opinion rather than asking someone else to check for you, even if they are an experienced vaper.

There are also scenarios in which you would want to change your coil much quicker. If you attempt to ‘fire’ your device with no liquid in your tank (or before the cotton in the coil is fully saturated) you would experience what is known as a ‘dry hit’. This has a similar taste to a used coil but is also accompanied by a very unpleasant sensation. This is because you are breathing in the smoke from the burning cotton in the coil.

Unfortunately, if this has happened to you, it’s extremely hard for the coil to recover and you’re probably going to want to change it right away. We always recommend that you have a spare, just in case.

You would also use up you coil much faster by holding down the fire button for too long, this will cause the cotton to dry up quicker than the liquid can soak into the coil. Avoid this by releasing the fire button after 2/3 seconds, and turning your device off when transporting in your pocket or bag.

One other common indicator that your coil needs changing is that your tank is leaking liquid. A lot of the time this will happen because the cotton has deteriorated to the point where it can no longer prevent the liquid from seeping through to the airflow of the tank. This is not the only cause of a leaking tank, however changing the coil is always the best option to try first.

I have been advised that I should try to lower my nicotine intake gradually. Is this correct?

Yes and no.

Obviously it goes without saying that if you can remove your nicotine addiction completely then you probably should. However, 18mg nicotine is no more harmful than 3mg, you aren’t actually doing yourself any physical harm, as nicotine isn’t actually harmful in the low quantities found in vape liquid. This is why the nicotine content in the UK is limited to 20mg at the most. At this level, it would be extremely difficult to vape enough nicotine to cause any harm.

If your goal is to use vaping to quit smoking and then quit vaping completely, then yes we would recommend gradually lowing the nicotine level you use until you are using liquid with none at all. But don’t stress over it or give yourself a timeframe, if you need to use 18mg liquids for a year before you’re ready to lower it down to 12mg, then do so. If you are in a particular stressful time in your life and want to raise your nicotine, then do so. If you try stop too suddenly then you are only making things more difficult for yourself.

It's the weekend and I need help, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the staff to monitor our Customer Service channels at weekends. If you need help with a device or with setting up a new device, please visit or call your local branch where a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

If you have a query about an online order or delivery, consult our FAQs and/or Delivery Information page. You’re extremely likely to find the information you’re looking for there.

If you do decide to get in touch via Facebook or email, your query will be picked up on Monday morning.


My tank is leaking. What do I do?

There is a common misconception amongst vapers that a tank is faulty because it is ‘leaking’. Here at 4 Vape we’ve saved hundreds of our customers money by informing them that they don’t need a new tank to prevent the leak; all they in fact have to do is check and possibly replace the coil.

Any device has the capacity to leak. Here is a list of the most common causes of leaking issues, and none of which would mean you need to buy a new tank/device:

  • The coil isn’t screwed in fully.
  • The coil is simply used up and cannot contain the liquid anymore.
  • The wrong type of liquid is being used for the device.
  • There is a crack in the glass.
  • The tank has a damaged or missing sealing ring.
  • The lid of the tank is too loose or tight.

If you’re unsure of the reason your tank is leaking, bring your device into one of our stores. Our staff will take a look and let you know the reason for it, and how to resolve it.

My device is spitting liquid at me. How do I prevent that?

The most common cause for a device to spit, is just a build up of liquid in the airway. This can happen to any device and we recommend that you clear your airway twice daily (even more often with higher powered devices).

The best and most effective way to clear your airway is to wipe it through with tissue or a cotton bud. Other methods include ‘flicking’ the tank toward a surface which will result in droplets being displayed, or blowing into the tank which will cause the excess liquid to seep out of the airway.

This can also happen if you don’t have your device setup correctly. Ensure you’re running your device at the recommended wattage and with the correct coil for the liquid you’re using.

If you need more help, simply pop into one of our stores and speak to a highly trained member of staff.

My battery won’t charge?

If your battery is not charging it may be due to a number of different factors. Firstly, ensure that the output of the charger that you are using is correct for that particular type of battery. The majority of vaping products require a lower amp charge (typically less than 1 amp), so fast chargers such as iPhone plugs aren’t suitable. They should still charge the device but after a short amount of time, the battery will become damaged and stop charging altogether.

If you are sure you’re using the correct charger and are the device still doesn’t seem to charge, then check the charging cable or plug itself to make sure these are working correctly. It is also worth consulting the device’s manual, some devices appear not to charge because the lights are designed to turn off once they a full. Similarly, your device flashing normally indicates that the coil is not installed correctly and is nothing to do with the battery level.

With batteries that require a screw-in charger, sometimes the contact pin can become depressed, usually due to over-tightening. A simple fix for this is to raise the pin. Please see video link below for guidance. If you require additional help, feel free to bring the device into one of our stores and our dedicated team will be happy to assist.


My coils are burning out very quickly, how can I make them last longer?

The life of a coil will depend completely on how the device is used. Mouth to lung devices are designed for long, drawn out and frequent puffs. This is because the low wattage of these devices tend to heat up the cotton at a much slower rate. Sub-Ohm devices are designed for short, hard and infrequent puffs because the high wattage will heat the cotton a lot quicker. The constant use of a device like this usually results in burning parts of the cotton prematurely.

When used correctly a coil in a MTL device will last 2-4 weeks, whereas a coil in a sub-ohm device will last roughly 3 days to a week. This will vary from person to person and the life expectancy of any coil can never be guaranteed. The contributing factors are far too extensive to list in full, however we’ve included the most common ones below:

  • Prime it First!: Make sure you prime any new coil before using it.
  • Wattage Range: Make sure you stick to the recommended wattage range provided.
  • Liquid PG/VG ratio: High resistance coils generally want a low VG liquid and visa versa.
  • Liquid Flavour: Overly sweet or cake flavours can use up coils faster.
  • Nicotine: Salt nicotine has been known to hasten the need to change a coil.
  • Airway: Keep the airway open. This supplies more airflow, helping to keep the coil cool.
  • Capacity: Keep your tank topped up. This provides more pressure and a cooler temperature.
  • Style of use: Low resistance coils are designed for INFREQUENT use.

For more information on coils check out our Vaping Guide.

I like my device but I would like more flavour/vapour. Will I need a new device?

Not Necessarily.

Plenty of tanks provide several options in terms of output. For example, the Smok Baby Beast tank can take one of roughly 12 different coils, all of which are designed for different levels of output.

All you have to do is ensure your mod or battery is capable of providing the correct output and switch your coils accordingly. For a more in-depth explanation of this, pop into one of our stores and talk to a member of staff or have a look at our Vaping Guide.

It's after 6pm and I need help. What can I do?

Send us a message or an email and our team will pick it up first thing the following morning. We sometimes monitor Facebook out of office hours but for urgent help, consult our FAQs or Delivery Information pages accordingly.


I want to place a Same Day Delivery order but I'm not sure how it works?

Our Same Day delivery service is managed internally in it’s entirety. Our drivers are employed by us and therefore, there is absolutely no risk in using this service.

We operate Monday – Friday and, as long as the order is accepted before the cut-off time for your respective area, you will receive the products the same day (excluding Saturdays & Sundays for most areas). Orders placed after the cut-off time will be delivered at the first opportunity the next working day.

Our drivers are instructed to take photos before a delivery is made, this is to ensure that they are posting the order to the correct address and that we retain proof of postage. Our drivers are also instructed to post their deliveries where possible as no signature is required; therefore, you do not have to be at home to benefit from this service.

Sometimes, the parcels are too big to post, so if you want to instruct the driver to leave the parcel in a particular place, use the ‘order notes’ section to do so. If the driver cannot post the parcel and has not received instructions about leaving the parcel in a safe place, they will call the number provided to arrange this with you. If the driver cannot get through to you, the package will be returned and added to our 1st class mail at the earliest opportunity.

For more information, consult our ‘Delivery Information‘ section.

I have placed an order for Same Day delivery, when will it arrive?

We cannot offer exact delivery times unfortunately. Our drivers can deliver up to 9pm (in very rare cases even later). The majority of orders will arrive much sooner. However It depends on traffic conditions, how many orders the driver has, the cut-off time for the area, the location of the given address etc.

If you place your order after the cut-off time for your area, it will be delivered the next working day. Similarly, We are currently unable to offer deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays to areas outside of PO1-PO11. Any orders placed on these days (or after the cut-off time on Fridays) will be delivered on the next working day. We do deliver on most Bank Holidays.

You can check the cut-off times for ordering same day to your postcode on our Delivery Information page.

I've placed an order with 1st class postage, when will it arrive?

1st class deliveries with Royal Mail are usually delivered within 1 – 5 working days.

However their delivery times do vary right now because of the aftermath of COVID-19.

Unfortunately we are unable to raise a dispute with the Royal Mail until 3 weeks have passed since the point of dispatch.


I've ordered the wrong products, what can I do?

As long as the product is unused and in the same condition in which it was delivered, we’re always happy to exchange or refund them.

You will need to return the products to us at your earliest convenience and once they are received and confirmed to be in the right condition, we will provide an exchange or refund.

If you are inside our Same Day delivery network, we are happy to collect the products for you, alongside your next order. This will save you the cost of postage. Please note that we cannot exchange or refund e-liquids.

What should I do if I think my product is faulty/not working?

If you think that you think you have received a faulty product, we first suggest to read through our FAQs as the answer to the most common problems can be found here.

If you are still struggling with your device you can take it into one of our stores or pop on our live chat and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

can I take a faulty device back into a store?

Yes and No.

If you have an issue and can get to one of our stores, then we suggest you do so. Our staff will be able to have a quick look at your device and more than likely resolve the issue on the spot.

If the fault is a little more difficult to determine, then we would need the device to be sent to our head office for further testing. If the product is deemed faulty and not as a result of misuse then a refund or replacement will be issued from there. Unfortunately our stores and our online orders are managed on completely separate systems so we cannot exchange or refund an online order in-store or vice versa.

Do I get warranty with my device?


4 Vape offer a 30 day warranty on all hardware and our suppliers sometimes offer even longer than that!

Just make sure you keep the receipt and packaging as we cannot assist you without both.

Unfortunately, coils and liquids are not covered under warranty as they are both considered consumable. Our staff are thoroughly trained to ensure that all our customers are buying the most suitable product, however personal preference comes into play with certain aspects of coils and liquids that we cannot account for.